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Replace Fence & Repair Fencing

There will be a time when you need you fence repaired or replace. We can repair or replace your fencing. Some common fence repair task are likely due to storm damage, water damage, rotting, or unforeseen accidents ( Your 17 year old backed into your fence ).

Missing Pickets

A common problem with wood picket fences is that kids and animals will loosen the pickets and then finally fall of and become missing. We can replace any missing pickets or treated pickets to fix your fence.

Warped Wood

High temperature and high humidity is common in Atascocita. The weather conditions are such that wood can become twisted and warped on long spans or unobstructed exposure to the sun. When your wood fence starts to twist, pickets and other boards will crack and come loose. We can replace your warped wood on your fence and save it from future repair needs.

Broken Boards

As a kid I painted a big bull's-eye on the fence and used it to practice pitching a baseball, needless to say that evening I paid the price for that decision. I managed to destroy a whole section of fence. I had to spend all my summer job money to replace not just that section but the entire fence as punishment. That was the first fence I built and have been building them since. So we can definitely replace broken boards.

Leaning Fence

High winds, moist ground, and in-proper building methods can leave you fence leaning at a 45 degree angle. This defeats the purpose of privacy, security, and as a architectural element to your landscaping. We can repair you fence or replace it if the post are beyond repair. It may be possible to drive a rod or t-post next to the existing post and attach the two for added strength.

Rotten Post

If you post are rotted the best option is to completely replace them. If post is good and just the ground is not supporting your post we may be able to add strength by driving a rod or t-post and attaching it to the post just as we would with a leaning fence.

Gate Won't Latch

Does your gate always seem to be open? It maybe that it needs to be adjusted or repaired. Gates can sag if they were not properly installed with 4x6 post, the gate post being buried 36" deep and using concrete. In addition the gate hinges should be heavy duty to support the leveraged weight of the gate. All corners of the gate should be braced. Give us a call and we will fix your gate.

Home owner or business owners are responsible for aquiring all necessary building permits, easement rights, and clearing fence lines of weed, trees, vines, and other organic growth.

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