Rustic Split Rail Fence in Atascocita, TX

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Corral & Split Rail - Rustic Fence

If you have a lot of acerage, a farm or ranch then you have most likley had the need or desire to have a horse fence or border fence built on your property.

Corral fencing is typically a 4-rail fence used to contain livestock such as horses, cows, pigs, or goats. But a 4-rail corral fence looks amazing and can be used for just a border fence also.

Split Rail fence comes in either 2-rails or 3-rails and is made of split cedar logs. For a truley rustic look this makes a fantastic border fence for your large acerage property or anywhere for that matter. It is fairly inexpensive but unmatched for its rustic appeal. The cedar is weather and insect resistant as well.

Home owner or business owners are responsible for aquiring all necessary building permits, easement rights, and clearing fence lines of weed, trees, vines, and other organic growth.

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